The Game of Gifts

What is your mission in life?

Discover your talents

The Game of Gifts brings you in contact with your own talents. It gives you a deep understanding of who you are and what you really want. You discover the power of your talents and how you can make them work together to achieve what you really want and to fulfill your mission. To make all that possible you will need all your gifts!

The Game of Gifts is an original  and easy way to have a clear mind about the talents you have and what relation you have to these talents at that moment. You experience what you can do to use your potential to even better set out your own course in life. Live your mission!


How does it work?

The Game of Gifts uses the metaphor of an inner kingdom with twelve talents. You are the king/queen of this kingdom and you should be able to reign these talents. But do you?

With the help of the game you make contact with your talents and with the subconscious knowledge you have about your own gifts. In this way you will better understand the purpose and the cooperation between these talents. You understand how you can make use of your gifts in daily life and what inner move is necessary to achieve your goals.


Give your life a new direction and live your mission

Your inspiration is the centre of your kingdom. You can contact that inspiration and give each talent its rightful place. What talent is the source of your inspiration, what talents work together for your personal development and what talents help you  to fulfill your personal mission in daily life?

You can play The Game of Gifts under supervision of a certified talent-coach, who helps you to make contact with your talents, with the visualizations and  the progress of the process.

The Game of Gifts is played on two boards: the first is used during your search for and consultations with your talents.

When you understand how your talents are related to each other, how they work together and support you to fulfill your mission, you lay them down on the second board – the Tree of Life – and you formulate your mission.

A personal trajectory with The Game of Gifts usually takes some sessions of about 2,5 hours, depending on whatever you are confronted with when you play the game.


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