A listening ear, a confronting question, a new insight.
But most of all: an invitation to yourself.

A coach gives no answers

A coach asks questions. And in the end you give the answer yourself. Coaching is so much more than a dialogue between a coach and a client. It is all about the chemistry between two people, a quiet setting and the creation of a new perspective. So many people, so many ways. Below you find some possibilities.

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The Game of Gifts

Discover your twelve talents and how you can put them at work to create your life more from the heart. Embrace your mission, make concrete steps and take de chances that life gives you. The Game of Gifts guides you on your journey. For instance, when you make a new start after a burn-out or in case of reintegration.

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Young Talent

With the help of this game young people discover their own possibilities and wishes. Excited they choose the cards and make their own patterns. The result is a map of their inner dreams en motives. It is just as surprising as it is familiar. Their self confidence grows as well as their motivation and ambition. At last they know what they want and what they can achieve. Therefore the game is a very helpful tool for young people to choose their further education.

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The Blossom of Life

The eight leaves of the age-old flower of life relate to your personal provinces of life. Discover which leaves have been neglected and are in need of water. By doing this you balance your mind and the way you act. Let your life blossom!

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The Shift of Life

Unravel the old knots in your life-thread. Then pick up the thread to connect with your mission. Make that turn that your heart speaks of and let the red thread in your life be the red carpet to your future.

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The Web of Life

Levensweb staat symbool voor het netwerk van relaties en kansen dat jij met je eigen levensdraad weeft. Het geeft inzicht in samenhang: jouw verbinding met de wereld en de mensen om je heen. Kies acht kernwaarden en leg deze op je levenskompas tussen verleden, heden en toekomst. Welke thema’s spelen er in jouw leven?

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Walk Wisely

Walking moves so much more than just your legs. In the open air it opens your mind, your thoughts can flow freely again and the surroundings offer you unexpected clues for reflection. Walking brings you in a natural cadence on the way to your inner self. Try it!

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