How can we clear our mental blocks around money | Re-writing our money story

Money blocks are not dissimilar to any other kind of negative belief or program that we might develop. They typically begin in childhood, are a result of our experiences and beliefs, and do a good job of holding us back.

Where they are a little different is in their immense power over our lives.

Where as a different mental block that you could think of – perhaps a fear of flying or an aversion to conflict – will have a localized effect…

You’ve guessed it by now. Money blocks have a negative effect across our whole lives. From the work we do to how we live, it becomes a problem in our every day life.

So I am especially passionate about helping people to bust those money blocks. It’s not just about breaking through to the next level of earning, or becoming a millionaire – this help is for everyone to be able to live better and earn what they truly deserve.

At its root, this kind of block is typically based in guilt or what we feel we are deserving of. And typically, when we develop this belief of what we are ‘worth’, we are not being kind or fair to ourselves. So this is really about valuing ourselves more.

Kay – a case study

This is an excerpt from an old case study of mine. One of my old clients, who we will call ‘Kay’ here, had a money block that we worked on together.

When Kay – 41-years old and mother to two young kids – first approached me, she was feeling desperate. Tears flowed down uncontrollably as she related her story. She was in a lot of emotional pain.

Kay realized that her lack of confidence and mood swings were costing her with attracting the sales that she needed. Kay also suspected that she had huge money blocks as she often faced the pattern of having barely enough to survive even prior to marriage. She needed help to release her money blocks.

Kay was in a desperately uncomfortable situation, living with a controlling husband who opposed her growing interests in spirituality – the thing that was keeping her grounded.

Kay had to get a new home with the divorce pending. Based on her circumstances, she figured that the best she could do was to become a real estate agent. However, getting out of bed to service clients on bad days was a real challenge.

Going back to childhood

During our private session, Kay shared that she had felt “unwanted” with the collapse of her marriage. Then again, it wasn’t a new feeling. She had been suffering from low self-esteem for a long time.

When we started to work together, Kay recalled specific memories in her childhood that still bothered her today. Her parents had divorced when she was 6 years old. Their intense frequent arguments left Kay traumatised. Her mother who was aggrieved and felt bitter by the divorce, had left Kay pretty much on her own. Her 6-year old self felt alone, “unwanted”, abandoned and like a “nobody”.

Kay was in tears when she finally plucked up courage to “meet” her 6-year old. She immediately recognized her inner child who was wearing hand-me-down clothes given by her well-to-do cousins. The clothes were unfortunately too big for her small frame. She was often ridiculed in school about her dressing. Her 6-year old was looking extremely miserable.

With guidance, Kay found out that her inner child or wounded child had been holding on to hurt and pain. She also realized that her younger self had inherited the same beliefs as her mother. Her mother had the beliefs of “I am not good enough” and due to her own issues, would often reaffirm that “money is the root of all evils.”

Kay found out how the negative patterns formed quickly became a common theme in her life. She discovered why she would end up in relationships with partners who were bad for her, leaving her in debt and in dire straits. Kay also finally understood why and how she had contributed to her own marriage collapse and the core reason behind her issues with finances.

Kay realized that she had been operating in poverty consciousness all this time. This is truly a common problem that so many of us have. She needed to change the stories that she was creating in her mind – and this change would be the beginning of her new story.


Next steps

For Kay, and for anyone in this situation, there are a couple of really key things to keep working on. One is to start healing that inner child wound.

So many of us have these deeply buried parts of ourselves from childhood that are in pain, and that pain is still felt by us today. As we began growing up, we probably buried that pain under the weight of responsibility. But if we can become still, quiet and open, that little voice can be heard again.

Do you know how it feels to finally be heard when you have been ignored for a really long time? Just being acknowledged is powerful – and this is a great start to the healing process for you.

The other thing to work on is your narrative, or the story that you tell yourself, as this affects how you behave in the world.

For example, if you have been telling yourself that your situation is hopeless and you will never earn more money, then you are conditioning yourself to behave that way. Typically, your behavior, whether consciously or subconsciously, will be to do things that match your story.

So you won’t try to get a promotion, or find a new job…

When you change the story you tell yourself, or that you tell about yourself to others, you begin the process of reinforcing your new, more money-positive beliefs.

For example, if you start telling the story that improvement is possible and that you deserve to earn more, then you will start to behave in ways that align with that. Perhaps you will apply for that promotion, or you might begin accepting money in more subtle ways at first.

People with money blocks often refuse money in many ways – it’s not just about employment or business income. It can be seen in the little things, like not asking for that friend who owes you money to pay you back.

If that sounds familiar, then you might want to look at your own relationship with money!

Some weeks after our money block clearing session, I was delighted to hear from Kay that she had been attracting new prospects for her business. The installation of the belief that she is “good enough” had helped to improve her self-esteem. She was able to go for networking events to promote her services confidently.

The same can happen for anyone – it is simply a matter of understanding where your blocks came from and then working on yourself.

In the coming weeks I am going to be hosting some webinars and sharing more about my upcoming training course. If you would like to get in touch and ask me anything about my work, or simply to register your interest for my webinars, just reach out by email and say hello.

I’d love to hear from you!


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