Workshops ‘Discover your talents’ for 60+


Do you make use of all your talents? Let us take you on a journey to explore all your hidden talents!

We start the day with an introduction and a cup of coffee or tea at The Burghse Hof – a training centre in the midst of a wonderful flower garden (Zeeland) – or in the practice in the lively mall in the heart of the Statenkwartier (Den Haag).

Together we make a start with The Game of Gifts. This game uses the metaphor of a Kingdom. You are the King/Queen in your own (inner) kingdom. But do you really reign? Do you know all your talents and do they work together in harmony? Or is each talent working on his own and do they obstruct each other in the process?

We think that everyone is born on this earth to do something special. The Game of Gifts helps you to find your mission. What is yours?

During this one day workshop Talent-coach/trainer Ofkje Teekens helps you to explore some of your talents. You discover what each talent can bring you and what they can do for you when they work in harmony. How do they contribute to your mission?

At lunchtime we will have some food and drinks and when the workshop is in Zeeland we can also make a stroll in the beautiful garden.


Start: 10:00

End: 16:30

The workshop includes:

  • materials
  • coffee/tea/soda
  • lunch

Price: € 125,- p.p.

Number of participants: minimum 6 persons, maximum 8 persons

Date: October


Sign up for this training? You can do this via the contact form, you can also call or email us.