Burn Out

Burn Out is a sign of the times (especially among Millennials)

In a world where time = money and money travels in milliseconds.

‘Burn Out’ is a well-designed card-deck in a glittering tin box.

It contains 30 stylish high-quality cards, each with a relevant theme and three questions or statements.


You can pick a card at random or choose which one speaks to you. And you can reflect on the questions/statements.

On your own, or together with a partner, a friend or a client.


Added to the box is a special matchbox to ‘Relight your fire!


Price: 99,00 euros excl. shipping.

Life Shift

Too many people feel ‘stuck’ in their work, their relationships, or their life.

Do you ever wonder ‘what am I going to do with the rest of my life?

‘Life-Shift’ is a beautiful card deck in a glittering tin box. The 30 cards invite you to reflect on questions and statements at a turning point in your life. To help you accept the challenge and make that Life-Shift!

Included is a red string, symbolizing your life. You can make knots in it, for every important moment in your past. Once you start to untie the knots, you make room for new developments.   ‘if you don’t like your future, you have to rewrite your past’.

Accept the challenge and let the red string in your life be the red carpet to your future!


What each human being needs today is ‘self-compassion’.

The world can be crazy, So step down and take a moment for yourself.   You really deserve it!


‘Self-Compassion’ is a mirroring card-deck in a glittering tin box. The box, with

30 wonderful cards, are an invitation to yourself for reflection in a quiet place and a moment all for yourself. This is an act of compassion to yourself.

The peacock symbolizes your own beauty as a soul; yes, you can be proud of yourself.

Enjoy meditation with the cards, without interference from the outside world.

The stronger your self-compassion, the more love you can give to the world.


Price: 99,00 euros excl. shipping.

Archetypes and Talents

Archetypes are the mirror of the soul. By connecting and exploring your archetypes

You discover your (hidden) talents, your mission in life and most of all: yourself.


‘Archetypes & Talents’ is a very special card deck in a large tin ‘treasure box’. With no less than 74 cards it brings you almost all of the important archetypes & talents you can think of.

This is a unique opportunity to meet your archetypes! With a comprehensive manual with an explanation of the light- and the shadow-side of each archetype, you can start right away

with the exploration of your inner Kingdom.

Meet the Jester, the Warrior, The Gypsy and the Weaver. And the 70 other archetypes.

A real treasure-box with the wisdom of ages, the experience of years and a state-of-the-art design that will surprise you!


Price: 149,00 euros excl. shipping