Thriving or Just Surviving in Autumn Weather? | Let your archetypes guide you

How do you feel about the Autumn? Whether you are craving sunshine and the seaside, or looking forward to getting cozy with a good book, your archetypes can be helpful guides to help you enjoy your favorite parts of the season.

As a Jungian Therapist, I look at personality through the lens of the 74 archetypes – those different aspects of our personality that we all have.

Although we generally all have those 74 archetypes within us to some degrees, each one varies in dominance from person to person, making our personalities so unique. So when you get to know your own preferred archetypes, or your ‘inner dream team’ as I like to call them, you can make better choices for yourself.

Ultimately, the more you understand yourself and what makes you tick, the easier it is for you to decide how and where to spend your free time, and even to make decisions in your career path and relationships.

But for today let’s focus on your free time. Autumn is full of fun activities, from bonfire parties to coffee shops in your favorite warm sweater – but what will you choose? I recommend getting to know your archetypes, your inner dream team, and take the lead from them.

So, which of your dream team might come out and give you advice at this time of year? I’ve picked a few to tell you about, so you can see who resonates with you.

The Traveler

Here’s one to consider if the autumn weather is getting you down. If you find the colder, shorter days a bit depressing and are craving the sun, then you might find your inner Traveler has something to say.

Embracing this part of your personality can help you lift your mood and you might get excitedly making plans!

If you have read previous posts of mine, or if you know the work of Carl Jung, then you will know all the archetypes have a shadow side to them too. This is not as scary as it might sound! It’s reasonable and balanced to accept the ups and downs after all.

With the traveler, the shadow side for this archetype is that he is always on the run. He doesn’t rest well and struggles with feeling ‘at home’. So if you do let him take you on a trip, just make sure that you also get to rest and spend a little time settling back into your home after your trip away.

The Adventurer

It’s great when one archetype likes to work with another – so perhaps your travel plans turn into an adventure? But of course, you don’t have to pack a suitcase and fly away to embrace your inner Adventurer!

You can embrace the spirit of adventure wherever you are in the world, and no matter the weather. Just make sure you wrap up warm if it’s a cold day!

Looking at the shadow side of the Adventurer, she tends to feel trapped when she doesn’t have her freedom to explore. So if you have that uncomfortable, trapped feeling, it might be your Adventurer wanting your attention.

The Hermit

Perhaps autumn has a completely different feel for you than those mentioned above. Perhaps at this time of year you like to become more internal and quiet, keeping safe and warm, and enjoy some peace in your own little bubble.

Whether or not you consider yourself an introvert, we can all benefit from some quiet time to recharge. So if your inner Hermit is calling you to settle in with a cup of tea and your book or laptop, then do you indulge when you have time too.

The shadow side of the Hermit is that she may cut herself off from others. If you look at the image on my card from my Talent’s Deck, you will see she’s stuck in the bubble.

If you recognize yourself as stuck in your bubble, then remember to talk to others and get out once in a while. Perhaps call on a more sociable archetype, or which there are many. But that’s another post for another day!

The Philosopher

If this archetype is strong in you, then you will often be reflecting inward, all year round! Autumn is a great time to start thinking and reflecting on your long term goals as we start to approach the end of the calendar year.

Sometimes the Philosopher can think himself in circles and never find an answer. This is of course the shadow side. He worries that there will always be unanswered questions. If you find this trait worrying you too, then keep an open mind about the fact that we cannot always have an answer.

So I hope these archetypes give you a few nice examples to think about. Although we do all have 74 archetypes within us, the average person typically has around 10 to 12 that are the most dominant in their personality, and perhaps a top 3 or your absolute strongest traits.

These help to define so much about you; from your strengths and talents in life, to your core interests and what really makes you happy.

But with that said, your core archetypes are not set in stone, and others can become important to you in different phases of your life. For example, my Musician archetype didn’t start talking loudly to me until I turned 50, and then I decided to take singing lessons!

I’m telling you this to make the point that change is nothing to fear. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to explore different aspects of your personality, strengths and talents. So don’t be afraid to know more about your archetypes, and let them gently guide you to new experiences and when you feel ready to explore – your Explorer archetype can help you with that part!

Come back next week to learn more about your archetypes, and if you would like to order your own Talents Card Deck to help you explore, then head here to place your order.


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