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Meet Your Archetypes

Self-care has become quite a buzzword lately, all across the Internet, from coaching blogs to articles on trendy wellness sites. I think it’s wonderful that we are drawing attention to such an important thing for our mental health and physical wellbeing.

I do wonder though – how easy is it for a busy person with many responsibilities to really grasp the concept of self-care in a way that applies to them?

Many of the clients I’ve seen over the years in my therapy practice have been so busy that they would imagine self-care to do something that ‘other people’ do, or perhaps something they look forward to doing in their retirement, once the busy career and parenting phase of their life is over.

Personally, I’m about to become a grandmother for the first time. So thinking about the big change my daughter is about to go through in becoming a mother, I am feeling an extra sense of importance to tell parents that self-care is not something for ‘other people’ or for ‘later in life. It’s for now, and it’s for everybody.

Meet your Nourisher archetype

As a Jungian Therapist, I like to look at life through the lens of the Archetypes. The Nourisher is one that has a lesson or two to share with all of us.

If you look at the image on the card, you see the woman has an empty belly. She’s giving all the nourishment away and keeping nothing for herself. Perhaps that reminds you a little of yourself?

If you have been giving your time and energy away, then you might have that empty feeling too. So as you nourish others, remember to pay attention to your own inner Nourisher. She wants you to eat, drink, rest and play. She also wants you to feel secure, in the same way that you are providing security for others.

Whether course, all of our archetypes have their shadow side – so what do you need to be aware of here? In the shadow side, the Nourisher can become focused on food, trying to fill a spiritual hole with a food-based substitute.

It’s worth remembering to feel your feelings, and not to push them down with food. Nourishment is about the full spectrum; from nutrition and hydration to nourishment of the mind and soul. Sometimes you will need to eat, and sometimes you will need to satisfy your brain or your soul instead.

Learn to listen closely until you hear which one it is.

Other Archetypes can help

Once you’ve got the motivation to look after yourself from your new friend, the Nourisher, you can now look to a few other Archetypes for inspiration!

So as we were talking about the spectrum of ways to nourish yourself, from your body to your soul, let’s also think about hobbies.

Personally, I find gardening a very rewarding and nourishing hobby. I love the process of growing something from seed and watching it flourish.

So what do you enjoy? Maybe you love spending time with your pets and letting your Animal Lover archetype lead the way? Perhaps you enjoy quiet reading time alone, and gain your energy back from spending time with your inner Hermit.

If you are feeling low on energy, try sitting quietly with your eyes closed and getting in touch with your Nourisher. She is waiting there inside of you, just like all of your archetypes. So just listen and she will tell you what you need.

From there, it’s up to you to take a small action or two. If you need rest, then work a little rest into your schedule. And if you need fun or creativity, create a window in your calendar to follow the lead or your archetype dream team. If you want to garden, dance, read, walk your dog or take a nap with your cat, you will know what to do.

If you found this helpful then come back here regularly to learn about the other archetypes from me – I will be sharing more each week.

You can learn about your own archetypes and share this experience with your friends and family too! I have designed an  Archetype Card Deck  that you can use at home with the guidebook to learn about yourself, and to gain perspective on your own strengths and passions in life.

These make a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you care about. Take a look here  and I will be back next week to talk about another archetype with you.


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