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The Cito test takes place during springtime and takes three consecutive days. In these days, the pupils will be tested on two subjects: algebra and language skills. Therefore, the main focus will lie on these subjects during the Cito training. The teaching material is practiced in small groups. Uncertainties are explained individually in more detail and weaknesses are practiced extra. In addition, attention is paid to possible performance anxiety through special exercises. Working with the syllabus makes students familiar with the form of questioning. In addition, they will train themselves in finishing the test within time. Therefore, the training is a good preparation for the Cito test. Though, it is not a guarantee for a good score. This depends on many factors. The training is mainly aimed at getting the best out of your child, preparing them and giving them a boost in their self-confidence. The training will be given individually (customized) and in groups. Curious about the possibilities? Don’t hesitate to call or email us!

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