Ofkje’s Academy

An investment in yourself!

A turning point in your life!

There are many ways to turn your life in another, more positive direction. Which way is best for you depends on your personal history, your actual situation and your wishes for the future. Ofkje's Academy offers you all kind of possibilities; from workshops and retreats to trainings, trajectories and e-books.

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Your life at the crossroads

Many people find themselves on a turning point in their lives. Because going on like this is no longer an option.
It goes against everything you feel and think. besides, it is also bad for your health. But what can you do? Which way to go? To answer questions like that we developed a special program, that leads you - step by step - to your mission. And to that last step, where you turn your life upside down. To be closer to yourself and to live like your hert tells you.

An Eye Opener for you!

'An Eye Opener for you' is an invitation to you to open a box and take the beautiful cards from the box in your hands. It is an invitation to mirror yourself with the cards and to let the cards and the questions, thesis and suggestions work on you. The questions are about theme's that will certainly appeal to you. Have the courage to mirror yourself and enjoy the eye opener - just for you!

Life-Shift Formula

With the Life-Shift Formula we offer you a program with workshops, retreats, webinars and online programs. Each part of this program is developed to help and support you at a turning point in your life. At last it's all about you and you can take a new direction to live and work more from your heart. Rewrite your past and at the same time your life story. Reflect on your mission and draw new lines towards the future. It's high time to make that turn. It's now or never.

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The first Eye Opener is all about 'Self-Compassion'. Something everybody needs, but that we almost all forget or suppress. Because we don't have time or do not consider ourselves important. WRONG! Take time for yourself - the Eye Opener - because you can't live without self-compassion. Open the box en mirror yourself with the cards and themes. And find out that you are important after all. Be honest to yourself when you reflect on the questions. Answer them and then step back into the world, but this time full of compassion.

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