Moving past your money blocks doesn’t have to be so hard

No matter what you choose to do for work, money blocks can affect your ability to earn as much money as you desire. But there’s good news! Firstly, this doesn’t have to be a permanent thing. You can overcome these blocks and change your situation. And secondly, it doesn’t have to be an impossibly big job to do this.

Let’s start by talking about what money blocks are. Consciously, we know what our qualifications are, how much effort we put into our work, and what the industry rate for our role (or business services) is. In short, we know what we ‘should’ be earning.

Any kind of mental block typically works at the sub conscious level, making it a bit sneaky and hard to spot at first. But once you know what you are looking for, it’s something that you can overcome.

These sub conscious blocks, or programs, typically form during childhood. They are the result of experiences we’ve had that have shaped our thinking in a certain way.

With the example of money blocks, some common childhood causes are when we pick up messages such as;

“Rich people are greedy”

“Money causes problems”

“Successful business people only care about money”

These may have been things said directly to you, or things that you just overheard from your parents, other family members, or perhaps your teachers at school.

When we absorb these kinds of messages as young children, we accept them as truths. Our developing brains incorporate the messages easily, and we carry on growing up and forming who we are.

When we begin adult life, it is unlikely we will be specifically remembering what we heard about money from our teachers or family when we were young – but we will be running that program subconsciously. Whenever we talk about money at a job interview, or set our pricing as business owners, these blocks will influence us to some degree.

Moving past money blocks

I already mentioned the good news – that this can be overcome. And I also said that it didn’t need to be an impossibly hard task to move past these blocks. I think this is especially true for those of us in the personal development world, or with an interest in psychology.

Personally, I find all things to do with the mind absolutely fascinating. I love delving into the way that programming affects our thinking, feeling and our behaviours. So I believe that if we also approach money blocks with curiosity and fascination, healing becomes not a chore but an adventure!

Let’s focus on how much we can learn about ourselves, how much childhood programming we can unravel – and let’s also set ourselves fun challenges for how far we can push past our blocks.

Are you with me? Then let’s go!


Put on your detective hat

A great way to be your own detective and start investigating your money blocks, is to start with the present day and work back in time.

I bet you didn’t expect time travel when you started reading this blog post!

So looking at your career or business today – ask yourself where you’re holding back with regards to your earnings.

Are you reluctant to ask for a pay rise that is long overdue?
Do you continue to charge low rates for your services?
Have you felt guilty sending invoices, or asking for payment up front?

Let’s take that first example of a pay rise to look at more closely. If you know you are due a pay rise in line with your years of service and what your colleagues are getting, but you don’t feel you could request it, then what might be going on…

Well, there are many other things that could play into this of course, not only the subconscious block around money. You might not have a good relationship with your boss, for example. But here we are focused just on the subconscious block, which is worth getting over so that it doesn’t cause you problems in future jobs, or other areas of your life.

One common underlying cause is that many people don’t feel they are worthy of the pay rise. It’s sad but true that many children develop low self worth, and that in turn causes them to under value themselves as adults.

If you recognise this in yourself, know that you are not alone. But the low value we put on ourselves isn’t true – it’s a subconscious belief we picked up when we were young.

So if you have identified low self worth as the main feeling behind your money block, then you have the first piece of your puzzle to work with. Now, you can take your detective work back into your childhood memories and think about when you first felt unworthy.

A handy tip – this childhood memory doesn’t have to be tied to money directly. You may have developed a low sense of self worth for an entirely unrelated reason, and as an adult, you money block is just a symptom of this.

Of course, you may also have heard your parents speak negatively about wealthy people too, giving you another reason for your troubled mindset around money!

Thinking back to childhood can take time to produce results. Often things from your early years have been long forgotten about. It can help to write down your thoughts in a journal and see what comes up. Try not to judge your thoughts and memories – just let them flow and see what you discover.

The main thing to remember is to stay curious. Our psychology is something we never stop learning from, and I think that’s really fun. Keep your detective hat close by, and put it on whenever you notice a block or a struggle that you can’t find an obvious or conscious reason for.

When you do start to understand the root of your money block, it won’t have so much power over you as you become conscious and aware of it. Then you can pause and think before you discount your worth again.

Good luck, and remember to have fun on your journey!


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