Embrace your gifts, even if they make you ‘different’

As we come towards the Christmas Holidays it seems appropriate to talk about gifts, but not the child you find under the tree this time. I want to talk about those unique qualities, talents and interests that we all have.

For some of us, we struggle to embrace our gifts. This can be especially challenging around Christmas time as we find ourselves spending more time with family members who may also have questions or concerns about us.

In my line of work and in my social circle, I meet a lot of Lightworkers, empaths, and other people with gifts that make them special. It’s a shame, but not all of society yet values ​​or equally understands such gifts. Those of us who have Lightworker gifts in our toolbox may have ended up questioning if it’s something we should embrace openly, or if we should hide it from people, maybe even our family.

Some of us just had uncomfortable conversations with family members about our gifts. These relatives usually mean well, they just don’t understand. The fact is that whatever our gifts are, and whether our friends and family understand them or not, they are a part of us, and to be truly happy and live as our authentic selves, we need to be who we are.

The shadow side or suppressing our gifts

If you’ve read this far, then I can assume that you know the reasons why we should embrace our gifts. In short they are a part of us, and we can no longer hide them forever than hide any other aspects of ourself.

When we do suppress parts or who we are, we feel limited, stuck, and unhappy. We can just become shut down and lose touch with our sense of self. It is also not uncommon to see this disability expressed physically (disease and disability have a lot in common). People suffer with tiredness and pain, as there is such a strong mind-body connection in all of us. If we don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge mental discomfort then it will find its way into the body.

In short, those suppressed parts or ourselves will not be ignored forever. Perhaps we could think of this as the ‘shadow side’, just as we do with our archetypes. Each of these 74 archetypes that reside within our personality has the ability to do good or harm, and what keeps them in check is freedom of expression, and of course, balance.


A balanced approach to embracing our gifts

A really helpful place to start can be to figure out why you ground suppressing your gifts in the first place.

Was it fear or being different?

Was it bullies at school?

Was it disapproval from your family?

Did you feel you should be something different?

When we can understand where our concerns come from, we can start to relax a little around letting more or our true selves out. It doesn’t have to be an overnight transformation or anything dramatic! We can be balanced and gentle in our approach and do things on our own time.

Perhaps you could start by just sharing you’re gifts with one or two people that you know will understand.

We get by with a little help from our friends

Learning to embrace all aspects of ourselves doesn’t have to happen overnight, and we don’t have to do it alone either. Surrounding yourself with a good community or other people like you is a great place to start.

We are very lucky these days that we have social media and can find people with similar interested just by searching hashtags. We no longer need to be isolated, even if we are the only person in our town with a Lightworker gift. There is a big wide world out there.

You can also look at your archetypes for help too. Getting to know those aspects of your personality can be illuminating – you can better understand your own gifts and talents, and if you listen really well, they might just tell you which repressed parts or you are ready to come out of the shadows!

If you would like to read more about embracing your gifts, then Silje’s Kristine Haugen’s chapter in our new book, Life-Shift Stories , is her personal story or embracing her sensitivity and intuition. Personal stories or change are great inspiration, and I hope the stories in this book inspire you to embrace more or who your truly are.

Wishing you a wonderful festive season!


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