Could you use Archetypes in your Coaching Business to bring more imagination into your work?

As a Jungian Psychologist and Talent Coach, my work involves getting my clients to engage with their inner selves, using their imagination as much as possible.

Using Carl Jung’s 74 archetypes to illustrate the many aspects of each client’s personality, the work ultimately gets to the core of the clients talents, passions and purpose.

It is so satisfying to uncover the parts of the client that they had been missing in themselves – especially when they didn’t even know something was missing to begin with.

If you are a coach yourself then you too will know that feeling of satisfaction from helping somebody find their true path in life, and taking those first brave steps towards it.


My journey

Before I myself trained as a Talent Coach, I first was a client. I was introduced to the world of archetypes and talents, and embarked on my own inner journey. There I met and spoke with many of my own archetypes, asked them questions and heard what they had to say.

Some were funny and warm, making me feel safe. Others were annoyed or sad as they had been ignored for too long. If you have ever had the feeling that you were missing parts of yourself, then it might be the same for you.

I recorded this video about my own career story and talent trail journey, if you’d like to know more.


How about you?

If you are a coach or interested in becoming one, then I wonder what inspired you to want to help others discover their own true path in life? Perhaps you have had a similar experience of finding a way to understand yourself after a period of suppressing who you really are.

It’s actually very common in our society. We all grow up with so many external influences in our lives – sometimes it’s hard to hear the quiet voices of our archetypes guiding us toward our passion, when other people’s voices are so much louder.

In school we are encouraged to make subject choices about what to study, which may affect our later career choices, before we have really finished growing up and getting to know ourselves. In my early career as a teacher I used to see this all the time.

Our parents love us and want the best for us, but sometimes they push us too hard in the direction they think we should go, and so our intuition or inner guidance gets silenced over time. Often young people study for careers that their parents want for them, more than they want for themselves.


We can change direction any time

Of course, as we grow up and experience more of the world, be get to know ourselves better. Many adults now have career changes once they have identified their true passion, and those skills from their first careers can be a big help with that too.

All is not lost – we have the ability to change direction and refocus when our inner guidance tells us to!

Perhaps you would like to help your clients do the same in a creative way – and maybe that would help you also, by bringing more creativity into your working life.

If so, you might like to learn a little more about training as an Archetype Coach with me, starting from April 29th. This is a certificated training course of 7 modules, using visual aids to help the client identify with their own dream team of dominant archetype, called the Archetype Quest.

I will soon be sharing some dates for webinars about this training, but in the mean time if you would like to let me know you are interested, send me an email so I can keep you informed first.

 Stay well, and listen to those quiet voices inside of you – they want to help!




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