Walk Wisely

Are you coming with us?

Why Walk Wisely?

Nature is soothing. Walking makes you forget your worrying thoughts. It clears your head.  As a result, you are better able to listen to your inner feelings, voice and questions. It gives you peace and the opportunity to respond.

Nature brings you closer to your feelings. You are therefore able to take new paths. You come to new ideas and retrieve new insights.

Nature lets you feel what it is like:

For whom is Walk Wisely?

• Would you like to head into a new direction in work?
• Would you like to take new steps forward in your life?
• Have you been feeling uncomfortable for a while now?
• You want to start your own business, but something is stopping you?
• Is everything sometimes too much for you?
• Are you at a crossroads you looking for the right turn?
• You don’t know how to cope with every day life?
• Would you just like for someone listening carefully and help you put things right?

I would like to join you for a bit on your life path,  and walk with you!

Are you coming…?


The kind of Walks

 Walk Wisely offers various forms of Walk coaching:

Introductory session
During the introduction you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the coach and her way of coaching during a short session.

Individual guidance
Prior to an individual process, an intake interview always takes place first. In this interview, you will examine which problem you are having and / or which life question you would like to work on. When it feels good for both parties, we make agreements about the route to be followed. In general, a coaching program takes three sessions. A session usually takes one and a half to two hours.

Various workshops with different themes.
For example, themes that are discussed in the various workshops are:

  • Acceptance and trust
  • Recognize and break through old patterns
  • Letting go
  • From thinking to feeling
  • Family

Walks around special themes
Among which:

  • Seasonal walk
  • Silence walk
  • Labyrinth walk

A walk takes 1.5 hours, sometimes 2 hours.

Which Walk suits you …?

Would you like to meet us?

Would you like to know what we can do for you? Please contact us for an introductory consult.

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