Life-Shift…. what's your story?

Life-Shift... what's your story?

If you don’t like your future, rewrite your past’

– Elisabeth Moss Kanter

Almost everyone sometimes wonders in life:

What now?” / (Is this it?)
If you feel that you are stuck or dissatisfied with everything you do and who you are. “Do I want this the rest of my life?” Do you dare to answer that question honestly?

Life-Shift helps you meet that challenge.

First of all, by looking back on your life so far:
What is your story, how does your thread of life run?
What were key moments in your life? And what are the knots in your thread?
Count those knots and take a step back, because only then you can see the real red thread that runs through your life…

Life-Shift ……a new perspective!

Every person has a common thread in its life.
Connected to who you really are,
With who you can be and with who you can become.

More than once a person loses that thread
And there are so many things that require your attention

Finding that red thread, brings you back to who you are,
With your talents, your dreams and your ideals
Follow your heart and pick up that lifethread again!

Looking back and looking ahead
It will create more vision, more sense,
A completely new perspective

A turn in your life

Life-Shift helps you with that… Are you shifting with us?

The Life-Shift game knows a varied range of individual coaching programs; courses in autobiographical writing; Life-Shift workshops for individuals and companies and reflection and reorientation courses for organizations and companies.

Turn the red thread in your life,
into the red carpet to your future!

Training to become a Life-Shift Coach

The training to become a Life-Shift Coach takes place individually (tailor-made) and in groups. The training lasts two days and pays attention to the background of the game, working with the questioning cards, plus the practice of autobiographical writing and narrative psychology. More information? Don’t hesitate to call or email!

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