Young Talent

What are your possibilities?


Young Talent offers young people a playful way to confront serious questions like: who am I, what talents do I have and what can I do with them?

The game was developed by Ofkje Teekens, Willem Glaudemans en Willem Hanhart, who have a lot of experience with counseling young people, coaching adults and the creative design of new concepts.

Young Talent treats young people in a positive and constructive way: there is a focus on talents, not on their possible problems. The game can only be played under the supervision of a certified young-talent coach, who leads the young person step-by-step through all the phases of the game. A personal trajectory consists of an intake of about an hour whereat the parents are also present; after that there are two private sessions of 2,5 hours each (on different days, sometimes on one day). After the sessions the results are discussed with the young person and his or her parents.


Playing Young Talent

Young Talent is played on two boards. On the first board with the shape of the Nautilus-shell young people explore the talents they have to excel. Next we examine which persons play an important role in their lives. We call them ‘supporters’. After that we focus on the parts of their lives that need attention. For this the young people pick some ‘grow-cards’. These cards are related to certain themes that the young people have to work on. Location-cards set the scene where all things happen and in every situation we pick the right talent to balance things.

The game is concluded by laying down the talents on the second board – with the shape of a pyramid – in such a way that the interrelationship and mutual cooperation of the talents is visible and clear.


Training to become a Young-Talentcoach

Young Talent can be used by all professionals who work as a counselor for young people: remedial teachers in education, psychologists, (ortho) pedagogues, youth counselors, professionals in youth welfare and youth health care. With the help of Young Talent they can guide young people to discover their talents, to develop their self-confidence and to create their own future.

The training to become a Young-Talent coach takes four days. In the first three days basics and method of the game are being explained. After that the students will do their first trajectory with a young person. They write a report on the trajectory and present this to the coaches. After six weeks there is a final day on which the coaches discuss the reports with the students. Questions are being answered and the new Young Talent coaches receive their certificates.

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