The Bloom of Life

Let your lifeblossom bloom again!

Let your lifeblossom bloom again!

The Bloom of Life is a development game that can be played by young people and adults. The basis of this game is ‘The flower of life’ in other words: the lifeblossom.

The game board exists out of eight areas of life. Each flower petal corresponds to a different area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. The areas of life are:

Based on a series of questioning cards, you cross your petals. Each petal discusses five sub-themes with accompanying questions.

Which area of life deserves attention?

After a meditation, you start working with a trained coach on your life areas and the related life themes.

The questioning theme cards are a good reflection of what keeps people busy these days. These same themes, form the basis of a series of conversations that give you a better view of your life. Which areas of life deserve more attention? How do you bring more balance to your, life so that all the leaves of your life flower can grow?

THE BLOOM OF LIFE leads to more insight into your areas of life.
It will bring your lifeblossom back to life!

Colored pencils are also included in the game box: give color to your life!
The enclosed watering can is a metaphor for personal growth.
Because everything you water, grows!

Training to become a Bloom of Life coach

The training to become a Bloom of Life Coach can take place individually (tailor-made) and in groups. The training takes two days and pays attention to the background of the game, working with the flower as a universal symbol and the use of the questioning cards. More information? Give us a call or email!

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