Becoming an Archetype Quest Coach – new skills for your coaching practice

Whether you are already a coach, looking to add a new dimension to the way you work with your clients, or are just setting out on your coach training journey, I have something that I hope will engage your imagination!

Today I’d like to tell you about my Archetype Quest Coach Training program.

I began using Jung’s archetypes in my own work after going on my own inner journey. When I was introduced to another coach who worked in a similar way, I knew I had to try it for myself.

On my inner journey, I was guided to use my imagination and visualize my archetypes, the different aspects of my personality, as characters that I could interact with. I met so many of them (we each have 74 according to Jung’s theory) and had revealing conversations with many.

Have you ever had the feeling that parts of yourself are lost?
Perhaps you haven’t indulged your artistic side since childhood?

Or maybe you never developed your Musician archetype, even though you deeply desired to do so.

Through my own work as a coach, I’ve come to see these repressed archetypes (or character traits) as unexpressed talents. It’s part of my role to help you get back in touch with these archetypes, so that you do make use of your naturally gifted talents, and therefore live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

I know a thing or two about repressing my archetypes. Many of my talents, interests and passions had been buried under the busyness of my early career as a teacher. I always had a passion for music, but I didn’t take my first signing class until I was 50 years old! This came after meeting my musician archetype in my own inner journey – he told me he wanted to be heard!

I hadn’t realised how happy it would make me to let these talents and passions of mine out of my treasure box and into the real world. This is how I knew I wanted to share this kind of coaching with others, and it was time to bring archetypes into my own coaching practice.

So I wonder which archetypes of yours might be screaming to get out – do you know?

It is common for people to have a sense of what’s missing in their lives. But this sense isn’t loud; it’s a quiet whisper that perhaps feels like intuition or a half forgotten memory.

But what if you could meet and talk with these archetypes? Well, that’s when their voices become louder and their requests become clearer.

Would you like to know what’s hiding inside of you?
How about facilitating this for your coaching clients?

It is so powerful to help people really get to know themselves, and so rewarding to see how they progress once you put them in touch with their archetypes and the passions they have.


The Archetype Quest Coach Training

 If you choose to come on your own quest with me, you will first learn how to get in touch with your own archetypes – it’s important to have that experience for yourself! You will then go on to gain a thorough understanding of carrying out this work with your clients.

As a trainee Archetype Quest Coach, you will learn:

  • How to do Inner Child Meditations and work on old issues/themes
  • How to work with the tricky art of forgiveness
  • How to guide your clients in choosing their archetypes, meeting and working with them
  • The Hero’s Journey and how to work with it; first writing your own story, then using this skill with your clients
  • Recognising the many issues from childhood that may still be around; how to process and move through them
  • How to help your clients to formulate their mission in life, and begin making those important changes for the better

With the training program comes a beautiful Archetype Quest game box with game boards, a theme & growth card and 74 Archetype cards. These are great tools to use with your clients in your sessions. Furthermore, there’s a manual and a workbook. During the training you will learn how to use all the tools from the box.

Join me for a free webinar to learn more about the training course!

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