Hi there! I'm Ofkje. And I'm really glad to see you! Feel welcome!

I'm a transformational teacher, a talent coach and trainer, and a Jungian psychologist. I can help you find your mission in life, but there are several ways to find out. Which way is the best for you is up to you - maybe with a little guidance from me.

Ofkje international

Recently I had the opportunity to present my new card deck 'Archetypes&Talents' at an international conference at the French Riviera. It was a 5-day gathering of Lightworkers, coaches and teachers from all over the world and the card deck was greeted with much enthusiasm. If you want to know more about the content of this treasure box, then follow me on social media, where I present some of the archetype-cards on a weekly basis. And if you want to play yourself, you can order the box here: REGISTER

NEW NEXT NOVEMBER: This November we will launch our first 'Life-Shift Stories' book, with 12 personal stories about turning points in people's lives. The second book in this series will be published in December. I participated in the third edition of 'Speaking from Our Hearts', which will be launched on the 1st of November. So, lots of books to order for Christmas! Join my webinar on Archetypes&Talents on 7th November 19.00 CET. You can register here: REGISTER


Besides individual counseling and coaching programs we also organize training activities, courses and workshops on a regular basis. Keep track of the agenda for activities and dates!

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