Coaching: with a little help things will go faster

Anyone in your network can give you help and advice. But only a professional coach can give you specific advice and effective counseling. A coach who understands your situation, sees through your problems and moreover has different possibilities to offer you a coaching program, tailored to your needs. See for yourself!

Ofkje's Academy

To bring together all (international) activities regarding coaching and personal development, I founded Ofkje's Academy at the eind of 2018. In 2019 we will develop all kinds of new activities, which will be presented on this website. So keep an eye on our site! Together with Mona Wibrant from Oslo I develop an online Life-Shift program, in English as well as in Norwegian and Dutch.

At the picture on the left you see an open box with a new game about self-compassion. It is the first game in the series 'EYE OPENERS' and it contains 30 beautiful cards with themes like 'balance', 'compassion', forgiveness', 'direction', 'wink'. The box with the peacock on the front, sparkles and mirrors you. A unique treasure-chest full of cards for self analysis or to be used as a game in a coaching-session. Want to order it? Just send us an e-mail!


Besides individual counseling and coaching programs we also organize training activities, courses and workshops on a regular basis. Keep track of the agenda for activities and dates!

All activities

Workshop ‘Life-Shift Formula’ on Mallorca


Fall 2019


Palma de Mallorca

Training to become Young Talent coach Spring 2019




Burgh-Haamstede, Zeeland